The feedback that informs this report was gathered through interviews of thirteen open government experts. Some are Canadian expatriates and one is non-Canadian, but all have a global reach in their activities and maintain ties to Canada. We selected experts using existing contacts in the open government community and through snowball sampling, whereby we asked respondents to name additional potential interviewees. Our criteria for selection was that respondents work in areas related to the five main open government challenges, and that their work extended abroad (either through presence at international open data and open government conferences, or in the form of international partnerships). A complete list of respondents can be found in Appendix A and survey questions found in Appendix B.

The ideas presented in this paper are a synthesis of data from our interviews and our perspectives.



List of Interview Respondents:

Ana Brandusescu (Web Foundation)
David Eaves (Harvard Kennedy School)
André Laperrière (Global Open Data for Nutrition and Agriculture GODAN)
Tracey Lauriault (Carleton University)
Panthea Lee (Reboot)
Don Lenihan (Canada2020)
Lindsey Marchessault (Open Contracting Partnership)
James McKinney (Open Contracting Partnership)
Toby Mendel (Centre for Law & Democracy)
Claire Schouten (International Budget Partnership)
Richard Stirling (Oxford Insights)
Alisha Todd (ParlAmericas)
Claire Woodside (Publish What You Pay)


Interview Questions:

Semi-structured interviews were conducted with those listed in Appendix A, using the structure below.


  1. Who are you, what are your organization objectives, describe your role in that organization, where are you based?

  2. In your own words, briefly describe your work on all of the following areas of open government that apply to you: transparency, accountability, anti-corruption, civic participation, tech for governance

  3. Do you work or engage with government?

  4. Do you work or engage with the OGP? If so, how?

  5. Do you work or engage with foreign governments outside of the OGP?

  6. Do you work or engage with foreign or international organisations, institutions, or networks?

  7. Do you work or engage with other Canadians related to the field of open government?

Canada and the Global Open Government Movement:

  1. In your experience, what are the Government of Canada’s open government priorities? Are you aware of Canada's international policy objectives as they relate to open data or open government?

  2. Canada’s has used concepts of open info, open data, open dialogue internally. Have you seen these concepts being used on the international stage?

  3. Have you observed any unique approaches to open government by foreign governments?

  4. How do you think the Government of Canada can advance the open government movement globally? What is unique qualities does Canada have that would aid this?

  5. What are the top challenges you face in your work as an open government practitioner or in your work related to governance?

Your Recommendations:

  1. Do you see Open Government and participation in the OGP as a foreign policy objective or as a matter of internal governance?

  2. Implementation plans in Federal Canadian departments suggests that open government is predominantly operationalised as open data. How else could open government be operationalised and promoted?

  3. The OGP’s five grand challenges, as cited by Canada’s latest open government plan, are: improving public services, increasing public integrity, managing public resources, safer communities, corporate accountability. The OGP expects members to select one or two of these challenges to focus on.

    • Which two challenges do you feel the Govt. of Canada should focus on internally?

    • Which challenges are most important to promote abroad? Why?

  4. Are you interested in helping Canada accomplish foreign policy goals in relation to open data or open government?

  5. If so, how could you be better prepared to support those goals? What do you envision the role of civil society to be, in relation to the Government of Canada?

  6. Would you be interested in connecting with other Canadians around open data/open government? (high priority, moderate priority, not a priority, unsure)

  7. Final thoughts on Canada’s tenure on the OGP Steering Committee?