Background INFormation



Open Government is defined in a variety of ways. The Government of Canada defines it this way:

“Open Government means a governing culture that fosters greater openness and accountability, enhances citizen participation in policymaking and service design, and creates a more efficient and responsive government.” - Government of Canada (

More definitions of open government have been collated by the GovLab (


Founded in 2011, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a multilateral network of national governments, sub-national governments, and civil society stakeholders. As of 2016, this global network includes 75 member countries, 43 of which have established permanent dialogue mechanisms domestically.

Through partnership with civil society stakeholders, OGP member countries sign the Declaration on Open Government and work to fight corruption and improve transparency and citizen engagement, also adopting new technologies that improve governance.

Country membership in the OGP requires meeting eligibility criteria, development of national action plans, and commitment to an independent reporting mechanism. Canada has been a member of the OGP since 2012.

Through the OGP, various stakeholder communities of practice coordinate their efforts. This includes regional and global events to convene stakeholders, workshops to share knowledge, and working groups to tackle specific problems.